New Year’s Resolutions

Are you any better off than you were at this point last year? Want to make the most of next year? Here’s two better strategies than the usual cliche NY resolutions:

Past year reviews (stolen from Tim Ferriss)

Spend some time looking over, in detail, the year that has gone by. Try to remember what happened month to month.

As you do, identify the top 20% of people and things that have caused your happiest moments and identify the top 20% of people and things that caused your lowest moments.

In the year to come, plan ahead to do more with the people and things that make you happy, and make a point in avoiding the people and things that do not.

Bi-yearly goal lists

Think about a whole bunch of cool things you want to do and accomplish next year.

Put them into two todo lists (First half 2018, Second half 2018), either digitally e.g. Evernote, or on paper, whatever works best, and make them semi visible so they aren’t forgotten about (maybe a shortcut on your phone’s home screen, or stick them on a wall somewhere).

The two 6 month lists is the sweet spot I settled on, because a 6 month block of time still provides a sense of urgency but not so short to cause anxiety. And also because mid year is a good time to re-assess the Second half 2018 list.

Break down each item into progression groups, so they feel more achievable. For example if a goal is to start running, you might have a grouping like this:

[ ] Jog 2 minutes [ ] Jog 5 minutes [ ] Jog 15 minutes [ ] Jog 30 minutes [ ] Jog 5 km [ ] Jog 10 km

Challenge yourself to see how many ticks you can get over next year, and add more items as you think of new things you’d like to do!

Remember: the smaller the items, the easier and more likely they’ll be accomplished, and the more ticks you’ll get, which is very satisfying.

The point isn’t to get all the ticks, but to have a great year and get the most out of it.

“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” - Ziglar.