James H.

Full stack software engineer
Christchurch, NZ

A short guide to interviews

Interview order and offers Interviews are obligation-free with nothing to lose. Set up interviews at multiple places, not just the one place you want to...

29 Jul 2018

A guide to completing side projects

(About a 10 minute read) So the other day I realized I had hit the 10 year milestone of working as a professional software developer....

18 May 2015

How to: download image, save as file, read file, display in XAML

I’m currently implementing a caching layer in a Universal App that needs to cache images, and I had a difficult time finding any good complete...

09 Mar 2015

A XAML implementation of CSS responsive design

CSS vs XAML Media queries in CSS are plain awesome for HTML webpages and more recently Windows 8 JS store applications, amongst other things they...

28 Mar 2014

Implementing ScrollViewer and a multiline TextBox properly

Would you like to create a scrollable multi-line TextBox like OneNote or Messages? This would sound like a reasonably straightforward task, but as it turns...

15 Jun 2013

Capitalize the first letter of a TextBox (Windows Phone)

For a standard TextBox, the default on-screen keyboard is presented so that the first letter entered is lower-case, unless of course the user first taps...

25 Jan 2013