James H.

Full stack software engineer
Christchurch, NZ

A short guide to interviews

Interview order and offers Interviews are obligation-free with nothing to lose. Set up interviews at multiple places, not just the one place you want to...

29 Jul 2018

New years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Are you any better off than you were at this point last year? Want to make the most of next year? Here’s...

27 Dec 2017

A guide to completing side projects

(About a 10 minute read) So the other day I realized I had hit the 10 year milestone of working as a professional software developer....

18 May 2015

How to: download image, save as file, read file, display in XAML

I’m currently implementing a caching layer in a Universal App that needs to cache images, and I had a difficult time finding any good complete...

09 Mar 2015

A XAML implementation of CSS responsive design

CSS vs XAML Media queries in CSS are plain awesome for HTML webpages and more recently Windows 8 JS store applications, amongst other things they...

28 Mar 2014

Implementing ScrollViewer and a multiline TextBox properly

Would you like to create a scrollable multi-line TextBox like OneNote or Messages? This would sound like a reasonably straightforward task, but as it turns...

15 Jun 2013

Capitalize the first letter of a TextBox (Windows Phone)

For a standard TextBox, the default on-screen keyboard is presented so that the first letter entered is lower-case, unless of course the user first taps...

25 Jan 2013